Time59 Help Topics

This is a list of links to all of the help topics available in Time59.

Within the Time59 application links to these topics are located next to the function they address.

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Getting Started With Time59

The Time59 Quickstart Guide

Helpful Hints

Billing For Multiple Timekeepers

Using Projects To Set Hourly Billing Rates

Using Time59 With Quickbooks

My Account

Help with User Preferences Settings

Credit Card Validation Code


General tips for setting up Clients in Time59

Establishing A Beginning Balance

Client Active Flag

Account Detail Link

Client Group Code

Specify an Interest Profile for a Client

Client / Matter Names 1 and 2

Specify a LEDES Matter name or ID for a Client

Sort Value for a Client that overrides the Name

Allows you to copy Projects from existing Client when creating new Client

Evergreen Trust Replenishment Trigger Amount

Evergreen Trust Minimum Required Trust Balance

Evergreen Trust Description for Invoice

Displaying a Lawpay payment link on a Client's invoices



Overview of using Projects in Time59

Overview of using Fixed Fee Projects

Active Project Flag


Amount Text for a Fixed Fee Project

Description for a Fixed Fee Project

Tips for choosing Project Names

Setting Rates (hourly or fixed fee) in a Project

Setting the Project type (hourly or fixed fee)

Fixed Fee recur limit setting

Time Entry

Overview of Time Entry in Time59

Setting the No Charge flag

Taxable flag for a time record

Timekeeper Code

UTBMS Activity Codes

UTBMS Task Codes

Why are the Time records locked?

Expense Entry

General tips for using Expenses in Time59

Total Amount field for an Expense Record

General Tips for using Expense Types in Time59

Displaying the Expense Type on an Invoice

UTBMS Expense Codes



Timekeeper Active Flag

Displaying the Timekeeper code with the Time record on an invoice


Introduction to Invoicing in Time59

Creating A New Invoice In Time59

Reprinting or Emailing and existing Invoice

Options when re-printing an Invoice

Help with deleting Invoices

Invoice Emailing Tips

Invoice Detail Formats

Invoice Footer Formats

Invoice Information Lines

Tips for Flat Rate Line Items on an Invoice

Creating an Invoice with Flat Rate Line Items

Creating A Balance-Due-Only Invoice

Setting the text for the Project column heading on Invoices


Overview of entering Payments in Time59

Deleting a Payment

Overview of refunding or modifying a Payment in Time59

Refund Or Modify A Payment, Action To Perform

Deleting A Trust Disbursement

Trust Accounting

Overview of Trust Accounting in Time59

LEDES Invoicing

Overview of LEDES Invoicing

Overview of LEDES Invoicing settings

Custom UTBMS Codes

Federal Tax ID for a LEDES file

Law Firm Matter

LEDES Invoice Description

Invoice Number to generate LEDES file for


Overview of generating Interest in Time59

Overview of Interest Profiles

Interest Grace Period

Interest Interval

Interest Rates

Interest Types

Interest description on Invoice

Invoice Payment Terms

Overview of the Update Interest Process

Fixing warnings on the Interest Preview Report

Lawpay Integration

Overview of Lawpay-Time59 integration

Trust Priority Mode Setting

My Time59

Overview of My Time59

Frequently Asked Questions

Overview of My Time59 users

Allowing My Time59 user to export data

Minimum and Maximum hourly rates for a My Time59 user

Rounding minutes in My Time59

Display hourly rates for a My Time59 user

Link a Timekeeper Code to a My Time59 user


Overview of Tax settings in Time59

Text Templates

Overview of Text Templates


Reports - Payment Breakdown List