"I absolutely love Time59! It's the best application (web-based or otherwise) that I've ever used and I really mean that. It has pretty much everything I need and nothing I don't need. I hate overloaded software with a million features I will never use getting in the way."
Reed W. Super, Esq.

"Using Time59 and LawPay I am now collecting 90% of my invoices each month as opposed to 50% that I was collecting pre-Time59. Your program is fantastic and the customer service is beyond compare."
Marc B. Tull, Attorney at Law, Elizabeth, CO

"Possibly the easiest billing and trust accounting system for new or highly experienced solos to learn. Wow. You guys get it. Thanks again."
V. Jonas Urba from New York

"I've been using Time59 for around 4 years and cannot say enough good things about this product. Once we moved to Macs in our office, I realized that most billing programs are (1) made for PCs and (2) not usable from your phone/iPad. Time59, being a cloud based program, allows me to use it from any device, any time. If I am on my cell with a client or responding to emails from my phone, I can immediately log that time in without having to remember once I go back to the office. I would estimate that my earnings have increased by at least 15-20% because of the mobility of the program AND because of the ease of use. Thanks for such a great product!"
Jenny Scott, Lexington, KY

"As a previous user of Timeslips for many years, I can easily toss it out the window for Time59, which is user-friendly, accurate, and easy to access from the internet. I don't have to install software on multiple computers, updates are automatic, and invoices are easy to create and send. I love working with Time59!"
Time59 user from Arizona

"I can't believe how easy the software is to start using. The directions are excellent."
Jennifer B. Todd, Salem, OR

"Our small legal management consulting firm has just concluded our first full year using Time59. We remain very pleased with its capabilities. Congratulations on a truly market-leading product."
Norman Clark, Walker Clark, LLC

"After transitioning from a small firm to solo practice, I wanted something online, easy to use, with a small learning curve. I would recommend Time59 to anyone, it is irreplaceable in my practice."
Bryan Battina, Battina Law, PLLC, Minneapolis, MN

"Although I practice as a solo, I represent sophisticated business clients through several offices in the state. I need my timekeeping program to be up to date and accessible at all times. I cannot imagine having to go back to a system with software residing on one computer."
Peter Rudy, Rudy Law, LLC, Denver and the Vail Valley, CO

"Time59 allows me to easily track time and expenses for all my clients. The system is easy to use and has great features. I highly recommend it for solo lawyers."
Pamela S. Wynn MSW, JD, Boynton Beach, FL

"Time59 is hands down the best time keeper I have used. Chris, Time59 creator and owner, provides prompt customer support. I call, and he takes the call and answers my questions. In one instance I needed a new billing format to satisfy a client, and Chris enhanced the program to add the projects feature. This is simply personal service at its best."
Howard Goldman, Madison, WI

"There is simply no better timekeeping and accounting program for solos anywhere. Not only is Time59 easy to navigate, the invoicing is professional, the customer service is unbeatable, and I have access to all of my client information everywhere I go. I will never use anything else!"
Ashley M. Eckert, Chester County, PA

"I have practiced law for over 30 years, and Time59 is the best, and most efficient application I have ever used to manage client billing. Other programs I have used were obviously built for larger firms with complex features (and problems) I just don't need. I'm now creating and managing my accounts with ease. I love the comprehensive invoicing ability. I am saving several hours per week (with more billable time). Thank you Time59."
Ronald G. Doucette, Attorney & Counselor at Law, Purcellville, VA

"I am a sole practitioner and being able to keep track of my time with a user-friendly system is essential to making my practice profitable. Since switching to Time59 I have increased my timekeeping and my billing. I wholeheartedly recommend Time59 to anyone in solo legal practice or any independent professional who needs to track their time."
Philip Wild, New York, NY

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