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The Refund Or Modify Payment function of Time59 allows you to perform specific actions on existing payments. These are:

A description of each action follows.

Refund Payment Amount

This action allows you to refund all or part of a payment to a client. This is useful for zeroing-out a client's account balance when a remaining unapplied payment amount exists.

Change Payment Type

This action allows you to change the type of an existing payment. For example, you could change a payment type from Check to Credit Card if an error was made while entering the payment. You can also change the payment type to Trust Deposit allowing you to move existing funds into the trust account for a client.

Refund Payment Date

This action allows you to change the date that the payment was recorded.

Refund Payment Ref Num

This action allows you to reference number of a payment. This could be a check number or a brief note describing the payment.

Delete A Payment Detail Item

This action allows you to delete the 1) application of a payment amount to an invoice, 2) a trust disbursement or 3) a payment refund. When the deletion is performed any affected funds go back to the unapplied amount for that payment.

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