Timekeeper Codes

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A Time59 Timekeeper Code corresponds to a person in your firm who creates time records. A Timekeeper code can be assigned to any time record.

Timekeepers With LEDES Invoicing

If you are using LEDES invoicing, the Timekeeper you specify for each time record will be included when creating a LEDES invoice.

Timekeepers are mainly used for LEDES invoicing. In fact they are a required component of a LEDES invoice file. Every time record that will be part of a LEDES invoice needs to have a Timekeeper specified.

Timekeepers Without LEDES Invoicing

Timekeepers can also be used if you are not using LEDES invoicing. They allow you to associate a time record with a specific timekeeper in your firm.

Keep in mind, however, that Timekeepers do not allow you to specify an hourly billing rate. Hourly rates are controlled by projects in Time59.

In certain situations it can be useful to use a combination of Projects and Timekeepers to organize and bill time.

Additional Information and Help

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