Using Projects For Fixed Fee Billing

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This document will explain how Projects work in Time59 and how you can use them to do fixed fee billing.

Using a project, you can establish a fixed fee for a client service and then bill the client for the service.

A fixed fee Time59 Project consists of a description and the fixed fee amount. Projects must be defined separately by client. A single project record cannot be shared between clients.

You can create and maintain projects on the "Projects" tab on the Time59 dashboard. When creating a fixed fee project your will need to specify one of the following project types:

Fixed - Show Time On Invoice

Fixed - Do Not Show Time On Invoice

When using fixed fee project billing in Time59 you are still required to record your time. You will have the option to display or not display the time on invoices.

(Note: Another way to bill a client for a fixed amount is to create an invoice using Flat Rate Line Items. Using this approach you do not need to create a project or enter time records. Click here for more information.)


After reading this article you should have a good idea of the type of flexibility Time59 can provide for fixed fee billing.

If you need further assistance in tailoring Time59 to your firm's requirements please contact us. We are ready to help.

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