Group Code

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The Group Code allows you to organize clients into groups. Client information and reports can then be displayed for these groups.

To create a client group simply type a group code (group name) into the Group Code box for that client. All other clients who receive the same group code will automatically be added to the group. You will be able to see the groups you have created in the client drop-down boxes on the Time, Project, Calendar and Expense tabs. These items will be immediately under the ALL CLIENTS item and will be contained in square brackets []. You may then use the groups as you would ALL CLIENTS or individual clients for displaying listings and reports.


Sample use of client groups:

1) If you have created a client that you use to track your own company's internal, non-billable time and expenses you can use client groups to keep this information separate from your billable activity.

2) Some users like to create separate client records for each matter that they handle for a client. This allows billing to be kept completely separate by matter. Group codes can be used to consolidate all matters for reporting purposes.

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