About LEDES Invoicing

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LEDES (Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard) invoicing is an industry standard electronic invoicing process.

(Note: If you are going to use LEDES invoicing in Time59 you need to turn it on in User Preferences. Go to the menu item my account > User Preferences. On the User Preferences form set the item "Enable LEDES Invoicing?" to Yes.)

LEDES invoicing works in Time59 by allowing you to download an existing invoice to your local computer in a LEDES approved format. You can then transmit this file to the recipient as an e-mail attachment or through a file transfer process provided by the recipient.

To create a LEDES invoice file you must have already created the invoice using the normal Time59 invoice creation process. (Note: It is not necessary to have e-mailed the invoice.)

Also, all time and expense records appearing on a LEDES invoice must be encoded with UTBMS (Uniform Task-Based Management System) Codes.

(Note: Different recipients may have varying requirements on which UTBMS codes are required or not required.)

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Time records must have a Timekeeper specified.

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Additional Information and Help

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