Client Active?

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The Client Active? setting allows you to specify whether a client record is active or inactive. You may wish to set a client you have not done business with in a while to inactive status. To do this you would specify the value No for this field.

When a client is set to an inactive status they will not be displayed in the main client list or any of the drop-down client lists. (NOTE: If you wish to display inactive clients in these lists there is a button on the Client tab (located top left on the client list) that will allow you to show or hide inactive clients.)

Setting a client to an inactive status will not delete any of their data. It simply is a way to reduce clutter in your Time59 account. A client may be set back to active at any time by setting the Show Inactive Clients? setting in User Preferences to Yes and then changing the client's Client Active? setting back to Yes.


A client must have an account balance of zero dollars in order to be set to an inactive status. If a client does not have a zero balance you can enter a credit adjustment (for a debit balance) or enter a payment refund (for a credit balance) to bring the client's balance to zero.

Additional Information and Help

For additional information go to the User Preferences screen and read about the Show Inactive Clients? setting.

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