Time Entry Tips

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Entering time records is how you keep track of the work you do for your clients. The time records you enter will automatically appear on the invoices you create later.

Entering time is quick and easy. Time59 keeps all of the time records you enter perfectly organized. Every detail of the work you've done will be at your fingertips. You'll be able to instantly review activity for any client for any point in time.


Projects are an important element of the time records you enter. You will assign a project to every time record you enter.

Projects are where you define the hourly rates that you will bill your time at. You can define multiple projects with different rates for a given client. This allows you to bill clients at different rates for different types of work done by different people in your office.

Projects are flexible. They can represent a matter, a type of activity, or a person. How you use projects is completely up to you. The important thing to remember, however, is that each project has an hourly billing rate. When you assign a particular project to a time record, that time record will be billed at the hourly rate associated with the project.

If you do NOT see the Project field on the Time Entry form then you have not yet created any projects for this client.

To add a project click on 'dashboard' on the top menu bar and then click the Projects tab.

Learn more about projects: Project Tips

Hours Formats

Time59 allows you to enter Hours in 2 different formats:

Decimal (NN.NN)


Hours and Minutes (HH:MM)

To change your time entry format setting goto the following menu item: My Account > User Preferences


Decimal is the default setting. You may change between Decimal and Hours and Minutes at any time without harming the data you have entered.


If you need to charge tax for your billable hours, with Time59 you can do that. To learn more about Time59's tax features go to the Tax Setup form under the My Account menu.


Entering a description for the time record is optional but in most cases you will be entering one. A description can be text up to 500 characters in length. For frequently used phrases Time59 offers Text Templates which greatly speeds data entry.

Learn more about Text Templates: Text Template Tips


If you enter Start Time and End Time, Hours will be calculated when you click Save.

If you enter Start Time and Hours, End Time will be calculated when you click Save.

If you enter End Time and Hours, Start Time will be calculated when you click Save.

You may also enter Hours alone, and not use the Start Time and End Time values.

Additional Information and Help

For additional information read the following:

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You may also contact us using the Feedback form or at support@time59.com.