Delete a Payment

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The Delete Payment feature of Time59 allows you to delete payments,trust deposits or credit adjustments that you have previously entered.

When you delete a payment, trust deposit or credit adjustment all of the payment detail activity associated with that payment (this includes amounts applied to invoices, trust disbursements, and refunds) will also be deleted.

NOTE: If you only want to delete a specific payment detail item (such as an amount applied to an invoice or a trust disbursement or a refund) use the "Refund Or Modify A Payment" function. In the "Action To Perform" dropdown list select "Delete A Payment Detail Item".

Deleting a Payment

The first step in deleting a payment is to select a client. Select a client name from the drop-down box and click the Next button.

You will now see another drop-down box containing a list of the client's payments. Select the one you wish to delete and click the Next button.

Complete information about the payment will now be displayed including a list of invoices it was applied to. If you still wish to delete the payment at this point, click the Delete Payment button. The payment will be permanently deleted.

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