Using Time59 With Quickbooks

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Time59 and Quickbooks, used together, can provide a complete end to end accounting solution for your practice or small firm.

Quickbooks is the default accounting software for small business and many accountants set up their small business clients with Quickbooks. The client can perform day-to-day accounting functions and the accountant can perform end-of-quarter, end-of-year tasks.

The only problem with Quickbooks is that it is rather generic in terms of the accounting functionality it provides. Time59, on the other hand, is designed to match the requirements of solo and small firm legal billing.

The recommended way to combine Time59 and QB is to do your time and billing in Time59 and then enter deposits manually into QB from your bank statements.

There is a report in Time59 called "Bank Transaction List" that lets your reconcile your Quickbooks bank activity with Time59 for a particular time period.

While not automated, this is a simple and effective way of combining the best of Time59 and Quickbooks.

Additional Information and Help

For additional information read the QuickBooks Interface Instructions.

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