Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Time59?

    Time59 is an easy-to-use, web-based time and billing application for attorneys. It has everything you need to keep track of your work, send bills to your clients, and record payments from your clients.

  • I'm a solo. Is Time59 right for me?

    Time59 an excellent fit for today's agile sole practitioner. Time59 is affordable, easy to use, and works on any device, wherever you are.

  • How much does Time59 cost?

    Time59 is priced at $199 / YEAR (no limits on data storage or users). Just one low annual fee for your entire firm. There are NO per-user charges.

  • Can I track time and bill for multiple timekeepers?

    Yes. You can track time and bill for multiple timekeepers at their own hourly rates. For example, you can create a single bill for a client containing time for two attorneys and a paralegal each billed at their own rate.

  • Can multiple people use Time59 at the same time?

    Yes. There is no limit to the number of people who can be signed in to your Time59 account at the same time. A Time59 account has only one username which everyone shares. This means that everyone can see all of the information in your Time59 account.

  • Can I import data from my existing software into Time59?

    Time59 does not import outside billing information, but we can help you transition from your old billing system to Time59.

  • Does Time59 have a Start/Stop Timer?

    My Time59 is a companion application to Time59 that includes a Start/Stop timer.

  • Can I use Time59 on my mobile devices?

    Time59 can be accessed through the web browser on your mobile device.

  • Does Time59 support the 1998b LEDES format?

    The 1998b LEDES format is supported by Time59.

  • How can I receive technical support for Time59?

    Time59 provides free technical support via phone (312-957-4711) or email (

  • I'm not a lawyer, but I bill by the hour. Will Time59 work for me?

    Although Time59 is primarily used as attorney accounting software, and has special features geared to lawyers, it is an excellent tool for any contractor who bills by the hour.

  • Can I back up my data from Time59 to my own computer?

    You can use Time59's Microsoft Excel export feature to download data from your online account to your personal computer.

  • Can I use Time59 on multiple computers?

    Because Time59 is 100% web-based, you can access your account from any computer, tablet, or smartphone without having to install anything.

  • Where does Time59 store my data?

    The software and data for Time59 are hosted on Microsoft's Azure cloud computing service.

  • What happens to my data when my subscription ends and I don't renew my subscription?

    You will always be able to access your Time59 account even if you do not renew your subscription, but you won't be able to create new time records, expense records, or invoices. If you'd like to delete your data permanently when your account is closed, please contact us.

  • Does Time59 allow me to bill for fixed fees in addition to hourly rates?

    Yes, Time59 allows fixed-fee billing as well as hourly billing.

  • What if I need to charge tax?

    Billing can get complicated sometimes. Time59 can handle taxes as well as discounts, no charge items, fixed amount time records, and late fees.

  • Will Time59 work on my Mac?

    Yes! Because Time59 runs in your web browser, it can be used on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

  • How do I send invoices to my clients?

    You can send invoices to your clients via email directly from Time59. If you prefer to send paper invoices to your clients, you can also download invoices in PDF format (addresses will be properly positioned to use window envelopes).

  • Can my firm's logo appear on my invoices?

    Yes, Time59 allows you to upload your logo and include it in your invoices.

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