Lawpay - Time59 Integration

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Lawpay is an online payment company whose service is designed for lawyers. With Lawpay, clients can pay you online with a credit or debit card and the funds will automatically be deposited into your bank account. Payments can be directed to your operating or trust accounts.

Time59 is fully integrated with Lawpay. With just a few clicks you can securely link your Time59 account to your Lawpay account.

After this link is established all PDF invoices will contain a link that will take your client to an online payment form.

When your client submits a payment using this form the funds will be deposited into your bank account and your Time59 records will also be automatically updated.

You can also access the the online payment form by clicking on the "Lawpay Payment Link" link on the Invoicing & A/R tab. This link is located directly below the "Payment Entry" button. You can email a link to the online payment form to a client or simply access the payment form from within your Time59 account.

Getting Started

If you do not already have a Lawpay account you will need to get one. For more information go to LAWPAY.COM or call 866-376-0950.

Connecting Your Time59 and Lawpay Accounts

Once you have a Lawpay account you can go to the Lawpay Setup menu and click on "Connection Manager" then "Connect To Lawpay" and complete a few steps. That's all it takes. The online payment link will now appear on your invoices and clients can begin to pay you with their credit cards. You will see the payments appear in your bank account and in your Time59 account.

Deleting And Refunding Payments

Time59 allows you to delete and refund payments when necessary.

If you try to delete a payment that has been entered via the Lawpay integeration, Time59 will check to see if that payment has been finalized (or settled). If it has not been finalized, then Time59 will delete the payment and also VOID the credit card charge. This is all accomplished from within Time59 and you do not need to sign in to your Lawpay account to void the charge.

If the Lawpay payment has been finalized you will not be able to delete it since your client's credit card has already been charged. You will, however, be able to refund the payment (or a portion of it) to the client's credit card. You will use Time59's payment refund functionality and Time59 will process the credit card refund from within Time59. Again, you will not need to sign in to your Lawpay account to process the refund.

Additional Information and Help

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