Expense Type Tips

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Expense types allow you to categorize or group the expense records you enter into Time59.

To create an Expense Type record you only need to specify the name of the Expense Type.

Optional Fields:

The Sort Value field allows you to control the order of Expense Type codes in the dropdown list on the Expense entry form. If you do not specify a sort value it will be sorted in alphabetic order.

You can specify a default unit amount for an expense type. For example, you can specify the current mileage allowance as the default unit amount for your Auto Mileage expense type.

You can specify a default description for an expense type. This value will be automatically inserted into the Description when you are creating an Expense record.

Additional Information and Help

Continuing with our mileage expense example: When you assign this expense type to a new expense record on the expense entry screen, the default unit amount will automatically be entered. To complete the mileage expense entry all you need to do is enter the number of miles and click save. The extended amount will automatically be calculated.

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