Required Trust Amount

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This amount is the trust account balance for a client that will automatically be maintained by the "Evergreen" process in Time59.

Whenever an invoice is produced (and Invoice Trust Request is set to "Evergreen" in User Preferences) and a client's trust balance has fallen below the "Replenish Trigger Amount", a line item will automatically be displayed on the invoice requesting an amount that will bring the client's trust account balance back to the "Required Trust Amount".

For example...

If a client has a Required Trust Amount set at $1000 and a Replenish Trigger Amount set at $500 and a trust balance of $406 then a line item will appear on the client's invoice requesting $594 to bring the trust balance back to $1000. This will be completely automatic. Of course you can adjust the Required Trust Amount and Replenish Trigger Amount at any time.

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