My Time59 User Info

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The usernames and passwords set up on this form will allow users to sign into My Time59 at the website.

A separate username and password is required for each My Time59 user.

All My Time59 users must be set up from within Time59. There is no provision for a user to create their own username and password at

Signing In To My Time59

After a My Time59 username and password has been created the user can sign into My Time59 as follows:

1) Go to the web address in the web browser on their mobile device or desktop or lapttop computer.

2) Three values are required to sign into My Time59:

Changing A My Time59 Password

To change the password for an existing My Time59 user, fill in the fields New Password, Confirm New Password, and New Password Hint and click the Save button at the bottom of the form.

Active and Inactive My Time59 Users

You may set My Time59 users to active or inactive status. There is a field on the My Time59 maintenance form labeled "User Active?". It may be set to either Yes or No.

You may set any My Time59 user to inactive status on either a permanent or temporary basis. An inactive My Time59 user will not be able to sign in to the My Time59 application.

Additional Information and Help

You may also contact us using the Feedback form or at