Creating a New Invoice

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The Client Invoicing feature of Time59 allows you to easily create invoices based on entered time and expense records. You may also enter flat rate charges directly to invoices.

Invoices are generated in PDF format and can then be printed out or e-mailed to the client.

Invoice e-mailing is fully integrated into Time59. It is not necessary to use your normal e-mail program.

Before You Begin

The Client Invoicing procedure uses name and address information from client records and from your account information. It is highly recommended that you enter all name, address and e-mail address information for yourself and your clients before producing your first invoice.

You should also examine the User Preferences form under the My Account menu. Here you will find additional invoicing options along with instructions on using them.

Creating an Invoice

Invoices are created for clients one at a time. The first step is to select the client to be invoiced from the drop-down list. Next, make sure the remaining items in the "Basic Invoice Information" section of the form are filled in. These may vary based on the various preferences you have selected.

The "Invoice Footer Format" Option

Using the Invoice Footer you have the option of showing the simple invoice total at the bottom of the invoice, or the client's account balance, payment, and trust account information. This allows you to provide a client's overall account information along with the invoice. For a client with an unpaid balance you can send them the most recent unpaid invoice that includes their overall account balance due.

Selecting Time and Expense Records

Next enter the date ranges for time and expense records to be selected. Any time and expense records for the client that fall within the specified date ranges will be included on the invoice. Once the invoice has been saved these time and expense records will be locked. Should you need to change these records you can delete the invoice, make your changes, and re-generate the invoice.

Flat Rate Charges

You may also invoice your clients for flat rate, non-hourly items. You can set the system to allow up to 6 flat rate charges on an invoice. You can also turn this feature off if you will not be using it. You can adjust the settings for the flat rate charges feature on the User Preferences form under the My Account menu. Select the number of flat rate charges you would like to include on your invoices. Be aware that you do not have to always include flat rate charges on your invoices even if the feature is activated. You may also create "flat rate charge only" invoices that do not include any time or expense activity.


You may include a discount line item on the invoice. If you would like to include a discount on the invoice you need to activate this feature on the User Preferences form under the My Account menu.


You may include a tax line item on the invoice. To setup Time59's tax features go to the Tax Setup form under the My Account menu.

Click NEXT to Continue ....

Once you have entered all the information on the first page of the invoicing process, click the NEXT button.

Note 1: If the time and/or expense records selected for the invoice contain multiple projects, you will be asked to choose which projects you wish to include on the invoice. By default, all projects will be selected. But if you need to invoice a client separately for different projects, you will be able to do so.

Note 2: If the client you are creating the invoice for has unapplied funds available (from trust or operating accounts), you will be asked if you would like to apply the funds as a payment to the new invoice. For most situations it is recommended that you do so.

Previewing and Saving the Invoice

After clicking the NEXT button, an on-screen preview of your invoice allows view the invoice prior to saving it to the client's account. If you want to make changes you can click on the BACK button and be returned to the previous screen. Clicking the NEXT button will save the invoice to the client's account.

Printing and E-mailing the Invoice

After you have saved the invoice a form will be displayed that will allow you to e-mail the invoice to your client.

Most of the required data should already be filled in on this form. This data is pulled from the client record and your own account information.

Make sure that the Message Body field contains your intended message.

Finally, click the Send E-Mail button. The e-mail will be sent with the PDF version of the invoice as an attachment.

Additional Information and Help

You may contact us using the Feedback form or at