Expense Entry Tips

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Expenses allows you to record and track billable and non-billable expense items. These include mileage, entertainment, copying and faxing, etc.

Required Data

The minimum data required for an expense record is Date, Expense Type and Total Amount.

Please note that if you enter Quantity and Unit Amount values and click Save, the Total Amount will be calculated automatically.


The project field is optional, but only expenses with Projects will appear on client invoices.

If you do NOT see the Project field on the Expense Entry form then you have not yet created any projects for this client.

To add a project click on 'dashboard' on the top menu bar and then click the Projects tab.

Expense Types

The Expense Type field allows you to group expenses by type (Mileage, Dining, etc.). You may define Expense Type Codes by going to this form:

My Account > Expense Type Maintenance

When creating an Expense Type Code, you can also specify a default Unit Amount which is handy for tracking expenses like mileage where there is a fixed rate. Additionally you can define a default description.


If you need to charge tax for your billable expense items, with Time59 you can do that. To learn more about Time59's tax features go to the Tax Setup form under the My Account menu.


Entering a description for the expense record is optional but in most cases you will be entering one. A description can be text up to 500 characters in length. For frequently used phrases Time59 offers Text Templates which greatly speeds data entry. Learn more about this by clicking the following link:

Text Template Tips


Expense items (where a project has been specified) for a client will appear on invoices for that client. During the invoicing process you will be able to specifiy a beginning and ending date for the selection of expense items to be included on the invoice.

If you would like to track non-billable expenses for a client, simply enter these without a project.

You may also track your personal expenses by setting yourself up as a client and entering expenses.

Additional Information and Help

For additional information read the following:

Quickstart Guide

Project Tips

You may also contact us using the Feedback form or at support@time59.com.