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Time and Expense Tracking

Entering billable time and expense records is quick and easy. Records flow through to invoices without retyping. Track time for multiple timekeepers in your firm.

Time Record Entry

Once a time (or expense) record has been entered, Time59 takes over. Your data will be kept perfectly organized and easily accessible for review and editing.


Time59 automates invoice creation. Invoices can include details like prior balance, payments received, interest, and trust account activity.

Sample Invoice

Many formatting options are available. You can upload your logo, use your own letterhead, change fonts, change the columns, sort and group and more.

All formatting and calculations are done automatically. Time and expense records flow through to invoices without the need to re-enter your data. You can also invoice for multiple timekeepers at their individual rates on a single invoice.

Accounts Receivable

Time59 provides you with full Accounts Receivable functionality. With Time59 you'll always know who owes you money and exactly how much. Information is always up to date and at your fingertips.

Every time you create an invoice or record a payment, Time59 instantly updates all balances. You will always know exactly where you stand.

Accounts Receivable

Your practice will thrive on the reports you can generate with Time59. These reports range from simple lists of invoices and payments to aged account receivables and account ledgers. All reports can be generated for a specific date range, for an individual client, or for a group of clients.

Trust Accounting

Time59 makes it easy to manage trust accounting. You can record deposits from clients and apply the funds to invoices as they are created. Time59 can also help you maintain strict compliance with local regulations and avoid potentially severe non-compliance penalties.

Trust Accounting

LEDES Invoicing

LEDES (Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard) is an industry standard for the electronic exchange of billing information. Many large corporate clients require invoices to be submitted in LEDES format. Time59 has everything you need to create and submit a LEDES invoice.

LEDES Invoice

Many lawyers who urgently need to produce a LEDES invoice, but aren't already familiar with LEDES invoicing, have been able to quickly generate invoices in LEDES format using Time59.

Looking for more details about the LEDES invoicing features of Time59? We've created a three-part series to help you get started: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

My Time59

My Time59 is a separate mobile web application that works in conjunction with your Time59 account. With My Time59, you can create private accounts for individual members of your firm. My Time59 users can enter their own time and expense activity, but do not have the ability to view any of the firm's other data.

Data entered into My Time59 is instantly synced with your main Time59 account. My Time59 also features a start/stop timer (see image below). An unlimited number of My Time59 users are included with your annual Time59 subscription. Just like the main Time59 application, My Time59 works in any web browser: on your smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac.

My Time59

LawPay Integration

Time59 is fully integrated with LawPay, the leading online payment processor for attorneys. With LawPay you can easily accept credit card payments for payment of invoices and for trust account deposits.

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