Fixed Fee Amount Text

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This is an OPTIONAL feature of fixed fee billing.

It allows you to specify a text value (such as TBD or PAID IN FULL) that will replace a zero amount value in the extended amount column on the invoice for the fixed fee line item.

A zero amount can occur in one of two ways:

1) When a zero amount is explicity specified for the fixed fee project.

2) When a project reaches its recur limit and is forced to zero. For example, say the recur limit for the project is set to 1 and the fixed fee amount is $1000.00. On the first invoice the fixed fee project line item is billed at $1000.00. On the second invoice the amount is forced to zero (because it has exceeded the recur limit of 1). If a text value is specified (such as PAID IN FULL) this text value will be displayed in the extended amount column for this and all subsquent invoices which include this project.

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