LEDES Invoicing With Time59 - Part 1

LEDES (Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard) Invoicing converts invoice detail into a specially formatted plain text file that can be electronically transferred (via email or another client-provided upload process) to the computer system of the client being billed.

A LEDES formatted invoice contains the same line item information as a standard invoice. In addition, each line item contains codes that allow the client's computer systems to analyze the content of the invoice.

The aforementioned codes are assigned to time and expense items as they are created. Assigning these codes is as simple as selecting the appropriate code from a list as you enter individual time and expense records. Standard codes are pre-defined in Time59 and custom codes can be created by the user.

The process that generates the actual LEDES invoice text file verifies that all time and expense items have been properly coded. If problems are detected, error messages are displayed with instructions on how to correct the problems.

In addition, Time59 features online instructions covering LEDES invoicing (as well as all other system functions). Just click on the "help" links where you see them for on-the-spot help.

Part 2 will explain the different types of LEDES invoicing codes.