New Features Announcement for April 2011

April 28, 2011

Here are some new features, more to come soon!

Ability to copy projects from an existing client when creating a new client.

Some users use a similar project structure for all of their clients. When creating a new client it was necessary to create all of the projects by hand. With this new feature you can now specify an existing client to copy projects from. When you click Save on the new client record the projects will be copied over.

Ability to "clone" an existing time or expense record.

Some users create similar time and expense records on a day to day basis. In the past it was necessary to re-type or cut-and-paste the description from an existing record into a new one. Now you will see a new "clone" button when you edit an existing time or expense record. Clicking this button will create a new time or expense record for the client with the same project and description. All you need to do is enter the date and hours and click Save.

Enhanced invoice late charge / interest functionality.

When re-printing an invoice you will now see another option. This option is "Late Charge / Interest?" with a Yes/No response. If you select Yes and click Next you will be presented with a form that will let you specify a late charge/interest description and amount. When you click Next, the description and amount will be added to the invoice.

As part of this same process you will also be able to change the following data elements of the invoice:

• Invoice Number

• Invoice Date

• Invoice Due Date

• Payment Terms

• Invoice Message

Previously you would have had to delete and re-create the invoice to change these values.

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