Display Timekeeper Name On An Invoice

June 25, 2013

This post discusses a new option that allows you to display timekeeper names on invoices.

As it currently stands there are a couple of different ways to display timekeeper names on invoices.

One is to simply set up timekeepers as projects and then change the heading of the project column on the invoice to "TIMEKEEPER".

Another option is to use LEDES Timekeepers ( these are primarily used for LEDES invoicing but can certainly be used to simply tag time records with the timekeeper) to designate the timekeeper for a time record. You can then select the option in User Preferences to display the timekeeper name value in the Project column (in place of the project name) on an invoice. In this scenario, however, the project for the time record is no longer displayed on the invoice.

Now there is new option. You can have the timekeeper name be prepended to the time record description on an invoice. For example, if the timekeeper name value is "JWT", it will be combined with the time record description as shown below:

(JWT) Letter to William Smith regarding deposition.

The project can still be displayed in the project column for the time record.

In order to turn this feature on you need to go into Timekeeper Maintenance and for each Timekeeper record you want to be prepended, you need to set the "Prepend Timekeeper Name?" setting to Yes. By setting this flag on a Timekeeper by Timekeeper basis it provides greater flexibility.

So this is just one more bit of invoice flexibility in Time59. It allows users to dial in exactly how they want their invoices to appear and then just run with it.

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