New Options For Calendar View

March 19, 2014

The Calendar View tab in Time59 provides a handy overview of the time you've entered.

Also, by clicking on a day in the calendar, you are able to navigate quickly to a specific day's time records for editing.

But even without clicking on the calendar you are able to hover over a day in the calendar and a summary, by client, of the entered time will be displayed.

A user recently commented that he'd like to see the time summarized by project name when they hovered on the calendar.

This user has the multiple timekeepers in his office set up as projects. The project names are consistent from client to client. So time summarized by project name would provide a powerful tool to review his office's activity on a timekeeper by timekeeper basis.

So now there is an option in User Preferences that will allow you to select one of three different "Calendar Hover Options"...

• Group Time By Client

• Group Time By Project Name

• Group Time By Timekeeper

Depending upon how you use Time59, one of these options could provide quick and easy insight into your data.

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