LawPay Integration

November 18, 2015

Time59 is now fully integrated with LawPay. LawPay is an online payment provider designed to meet the specific needs of lawyers. To learn more about LawPay go to or call 866-376-0950.

Lawpay allows your clients to pay online with a credit or debit card. Payments can be directed to either your operating or trust account. When a client submits a payment, funds are automatically deposited into your bank account.

Adding Time59 to Lawpay takes things to the next level. Not only do the funds go directly to your bank account, but your records in Time59 are automatically updated. The payment will adjust the client's balance in Time59, and will be displayed on the client's next invoice.

If you currently have both a Time59 account and a Lawpay account, all you need to do is link your accounts with a few clicks. Once connected, a payment link will automatically appear on the PDF invoices you send to your clients from Time59. When your client clicks on the link they will be taken to a secure, easy-to-use payment form. They will be able to see the balance due on their account and any trust replenishment that is required. They can make their payments with confidence.

Please contact us with any questions.

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