Invoice Improvements

May 20, 2013

A number of improvements have been made to the invoice over the past month.

Although a few formatting issues have been addressed, most of the changes have focused on the "footer" section of the invoice where account information is displayed.

There are now 3 footer options displaying different levels of information.

• Invoice Amount Only

• Invoice Amount With Account Summary

• Invoice Amount With Account Detail

The Invoice Amount Only footer option displays only the total invoice amount. No additional client account information is displayed. This is appropriate for a client who has never had any prior account activity.

The Invoice Amount With Account Summary and Invoice Amount With Account Detail options will display prior account balance, current account activity, current account balance, and (if applicable) trust account activity. The "Detail" version will display indvidual payments, refunds, etc. and the "Summary" version will display summarized totals of different types of account activity.

All of the information presented on the invoices is calculated automatically based on routine data entry. You will not need to do any math on your own to produce similar invoices. Additionally there are multiple options for formatting the main body of the invoice.

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