Improved Aging Report

November 5, 2011

Time59 has an Account Aging report that shows Current, <30, 31-60, 61-90, and >90 balances. Pretty standard stuff.

Up until now the report displayed amounts as of the current date only. Recently a Time59 user told me that his accountant had requested the report as of a specific date. The user asked if I could make the report show data AS OF any date.

I thought it was a great idea and an interesting programming challenge. To make a long story short it was an interesting programming challenge and the report is now available.

The only visible difference in the report is the new As Of Date field and a Refresh button. You can still specify ALL clients, a client group, or a single client.

When you first open the report it defaults to the current date. This duplicates the behavior of the old report when it first opened. But now you can enter a different date and click the refresh button. The data displayed will be AS OF the date you specified.

A little bit like a time machine for your accounting.

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