Fixed Fee Billing

December 28, 2014

Time59 now has true fixed fee billing functionality.

The first thing you will notice is that the Project Maintenance form has changed. There is now a Project Type field that will allow you to choose one of the following 3 options:


Fixed - Show Time On Invoice

Fixed - Do Not Show Time On Invoice

There are also a couple of new fields on the Project Maintenance form that relate to Fixed Fee Billing projects. If you do not plan on using Fixed Fee then just create new projects using the Hourly option and other than that, nothing will change in how Time59 works for you.

With Time59's new Fixed Fee Billing you will still need to record your time. You will have the option to show or not show this time on invoices. If you do show time on invoices the billing amount of each time record will not be displayed. Instead there will be an additional line item generated with its own description and the fixed fee amount. It is really pretty simple. All of the help topics in Time59 have been updated to guide you and you can always call or email support with questions.

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