Client Name On Invoice

October 28, 2011

A new feature allows you to define an alternate name for a client that appears only on invoices.

When you edit a client record you will see a field with the label "Client Name On Invoice". Whatever you put in here will appear on invoices as the client name. If you leave this field blank, then the normal client name will appear on invoices.

I think this feature can be useful in a number of situations but here is the situation of the Time59 user who requested this feature:

This user had a single client with a number of different matters. The user opted to create separate client records for each matter. These separate client records were then joined together using the group code feature of Time59. The group code feature allowed the separate client records to be viewed as a unit on reports. So far so good!

The only problem was that the Time59 user wanted the same name to appear on all invoices. Time59 does not allow duplicate client names. This is where the modification comes in. The Time59 user was able to define the same client invoice name for each of the different client records that made up the single, actual client. Problem solved!

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