Change To Balance Sidebar

November 10, 2011

The Time59 "Balance Sidebar" refers to the column on the right hand side of the Invoicing & A/R tab. It's a handy tool to quickly see which clients owe you money.

Up until now the A/R Balance amounts displayed in the sidebar included not only un-paid invoices and un-applied payment amounts, but also trust account amounts.

From an accounting perspective the trust account amount is really not part of the A/R Balance. Recently a Time59 user requested that the A/R Balance and Trust Account Balance be displayed separately.

A change has been made to allow these amounts to be displayed separately in the sidebar. You need to go to the User Preferences page in your Time59 account to enable this feature.

NOTE: If you are happy with the way the sidebar currently displays the A/R Balance, or you don't use the trust accounting in Time59, then you don't have to do anything and you will not see any change in the sidebar.

To enable this new feature look for the field "Balance Sidebar Option" on the User Preferences page. There are three options available:

• Combine A/R And Trust Balances

• A/R Balance Only

• Display A/R And Trust Separately

Pick the option the best suits your needs. The first option will leave the sidebar exactly as it was before this change was made. The second will display a single amount for each client which does NOT include the trust amount. The third option will display two separate amounts (A/R Balance and Trust Balance) for each client.

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