Account Statement For Client

January 23, 2013

Time59 has a new feature called Account Statement For Client. It's a document that displays a summary of a client's account activity and includes a request for payment. It's a great tool for managing past-due client accounts.

You can access the statement by going to the Invoicing & A/R tab. Look for the link "Account Statement For Client". It's below the "Create A New Invoice" button.

It's easy to produce the statement. You simply specify the client, then the statement date and current amount due. (Note: The current amount due is automatically set to the client's current balance but you can specify a different amount for immediate payment.) You'll then see a preview of the statement and be given the option of emailing it or printing it and ground mailing it. The printed version is formatted for a standard window envelope.

The new statement is a simple and quick way to stay on top of client accounts that are past due. All of the math and formatting is done for you. Give it a try and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement.

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