Access Your Data Forever

June 10, 2014

If you are self-employed as a lawyer, Time59 is a great choice for time and billing. If you are currently a Time59 user you already know that.

Even so, there may be periods of time where you don't need Time59. Maybe you'll join a firm for awhile. Maybe something else.

No matter what happens, the data you have in Time59 will continue to be valuable and you will need to access it.

Starting today, even if your subscription lapses, you will be able to sign into your Time59 account and access your data. And that's forever.

The only things you won't be able to do are create new time and expense records and create new invoices. Everything else, all the reports and client information will be totally available.

If you ever need to re-activate your account to full strength you'll be able to do that with just a few clicks.

So don't worry, your Time59 data is all yours, always and forever.

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