The #1 online billing software for solo and small law firms.

In use at over 2000 solo and small law firms nationwide.

Along with easy-to-use time and expense tracking, invoicing, and report creation, Time59 also offers advanced features specifically for the legal profession, such as LEDES invoicing, trust accounting, and integration with LawPay.

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Powered By Microsoft Azure

Time59 is web-based software and runs on Azure, Microsoft's global cloud computing platform.

Time59 works on any device.

Time59 runs in the web browser of your Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, or Android device. No need to download anything or install updates manually. Time59 is 100% web-based software, backed up by powerful encryption and privacy features to ensure the security and integrity of your data.

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Here's what Time59 users are saying...

"I absolutely love Time59! It's the best application (web-based or otherwise) that I've ever used and I really mean that. It has pretty much everything I need and nothing I don't need."
Reed W. Super, Esq.

"Possibly the easiest billing and trust accounting system for new or highly experienced solos to learn. Wow. You guys get it."
V. Jonas Urba, New York

"I can't believe how easy the software is to start using. The directions are excellent."
Jennifer B. Todd, Salem, OR

"Our small legal management consulting firm has just concluded our first full year using Time59. We remain very pleased with its capabilities. Congratulations on a truly market-leading product."
Norman Clark, Walker Clark, LLC

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