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Access Your Data Forever

June 10, 2014

If you are self-employed as a lawyer, Time59 is a great choice for time and billing. If you are currently a Time59 user you already know that.

Even so, there may be periods of time where you don't need Time59. Maybe you'll join a firm for awhile. Maybe something else.

No matter what happens, the data you have in Time59 will continue to be valuable and you will need to access it.

Starting today, even if your subscription lapses, you will be able to sign into your Time59 account and access your data. And that's forever.

The only things you won't be able to do are create new time and expense records and create new invoices. Everything else, all the reports and client information will be totally available.

If you ever need to re-activate your account to full strength you'll be able to do that with just a few clicks.

So don't worry, your Time59 data is all yours, always and forever.

New Options For Calendar View

March 19, 2014

The Calendar View tab in Time59 provides a handy overview of the time you've entered.

Also, by clicking on a day in the calendar, you are able to navigate quickly to a specific day's time records for editing.

But even without clicking on the calendar you are able to hover over a day in the calendar and a summary, by client, of the entered time will be displayed.

A user recently commented that he'd like to see the time summarized by project name when they hovered on the calendar.

This user has the multiple timekeepers in his office set up as projects. The project names are consistent from client to client. So time summarized by project name would provide a powerful tool to review his office's activity on a timekeeper by timekeeper basis.

So now there is an option in User Preferences that will allow you to select one of three different "Calendar Hover Options"...

Depending upon how you use Time59, one of these options could provide quick and easy insight into your data.

Press Release Announcing My Time59

December 4, 2013

New Mobile Web App For Legal Time And Billing Now Available

Business Data Designs today announced the availability of My Time59, a mobile web app that extends the functionality of their web-based legal time and billing software, Time59.

(Glenview, Illinois, December 4, 2013)

My Time59 is a mobile web app that makes it easier than ever for law firms to keep track of their billable activity. My Time59 allows every timekeeper in a law firm to have their own personal account for recording billable time and expense activity. My Time59 also features an integrated start/stop timer. All data entered into My Time59 is automatically saved to the law firm's main Time59 account.

"Solo practitioners have always loved the simplicity, effectiveness and value of Time59." said Christopher Monaghan, President of Business Data Designs and developer of Time59. "With My Time59 firms with multiple lawyers can now jump on board."

My Time59 is a separate website located at my.time59.com. My Time59 usernames are set up in the core Time59 application located at www.time59.com. Once a user is assigned a username and password they can sign into My Time59 and enter time and expense records.

Administrative functions such as invoicing and accounts receivable management remain in the core Time59 application. Access to these functions can now be restricted to authorized personnel only. Front line timekeepers will have all the functionality they need in My Time59 and will not need to access the core Time59 application. This improves security and privacy for the law firm.

My Time59 is an optional feature of Time59. The core Time59 application can still be used as a stand-alone legal time and billing management solution.

Although it is optimized for mobile devices, My Time59 is a web-based application and can easily be used in the browsers on laptop and desktop computers.

Says Monaghan, "Our goal was to preserve what people liked best about the original Time59 program while adding significant new capability. With My Time59 we've done exactly that."

Time59 will be exhibiting at the ABA TECHSHOW 2014 in Chicago, Illinois, March 27-29, 2014.

For more information visit http://www.time59.com.

About Time59:

Time59 (URL: http://www.time59.com) is a web-based time and billing application for lawyers. Time59 is a product of Business Data Designs, Inc., of Glenview, Illinois. Time59 has been online since 2006.


Christopher Monaghan

Phone: 312-957-4711

Display Timekeeper Name On An Invoice

June 25, 2013

This post discusses a new option that allows you to display timekeeper names on invoices.

As it currently stands there are a couple of different ways to display timekeeper names on invoices.

One is to simply set up timekeepers as projects and then change the heading of the project column on the invoice to "TIMEKEEPER".

Another option is to use LEDES Timekeepers ( these are primarily used for LEDES invoicing but can certainly be used to simply tag time records with the timekeeper) to designate the timekeeper for a time record. You can then select the option in User Preferences to display the timekeeper name value in the Project column (in place of the project name) on an invoice. In this scenario, however, the project for the time record is no longer displayed on the invoice.

Now there is new option. You can have the timekeeper name be prepended to the time record description on an invoice. For example, if the timekeeper name value is "JWT", it will be combined with the time record description as shown below:

(JWT) Letter to William Smith regarding deposition.

The project can still be displayed in the project column for the time record.

In order to turn this feature on you need to go into Timekeeper Maintenance and for each Timekeeper record you want to be prepended, you need to set the "Prepend Timekeeper Name?" setting to Yes. By setting this flag on a Timekeeper by Timekeeper basis it provides greater flexibility.

So this is just one more bit of invoice flexibility in Time59. It allows users to dial in exactly how they want their invoices to appear and then just run with it.

Invoice Improvements

May 20, 2013

A number of improvements have been made to the invoice over the past month.

Although a few formatting issues have been addressed, most of the changes have focused on the "footer" section of the invoice where account information is displayed.

There are now 3 footer options displaying different levels of information.

The Invoice Amount Only footer option displays only the total invoice amount. No additional client account information is displayed. This is appropriate for a client who has never had any prior account activity.

The Invoice Amount With Account Summary and Invoice Amount With Account Detail options will display prior account balance, current account activity, current account balance, and (if applicable) trust account activity. The "Detail" version will display indvidual payments, refunds, etc. and the "Summary" version will display summarized totals of different types of account activity.

The following links will display the same invoice with each of the 3 footer options.

Invoice Amount Only

InvoiceAmount With Account Summary

Invoice Amount With Account Detail

All of the information presented on the invoices is calculated automatically based on routine data entry. You will not need to do any math on your own to produce similar invoices. Additionally there are multiple options for formatting the main body of the invoice.

Account Statement For Client

January 23, 2013

Time59 has a new feature called Account Statement For Client. It's a document that displays a summary of a client's account activity and includes a request for payment. It's a great tool for managing past-due client accounts.

You can access the statement by going to the Invoicing & A/R tab. Look for the link "Account Statement For Client". It's below the "Create A New Invoice" button.

It's easy to produce the statement. You simply specify the client, then the statement date and current amount due. (Note: The current amount due is automatically set to the client's current balance but you can specify a different amount for immediate payment.) You'll then see a preview of the statement and be given the option of emailing it or printing it and ground mailing it. The printed version is formatted for a standard window envelope.

The new statement is a simple and quick way to stay on top of client accounts that are past due. All of the math and formatting is done for you. Give it a try and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement.

Default Invoice Message

December 7, 2012

Time59 allows you to place a message at the bottom of the invoice. Many Time59 users place a standard message here such as "Thank you for your business." or basic payment instructions.

Up until now there was no way to specify a message that would appear by default for every new invoice. Now there is.

You can now specify the default invoice message in a new field on the User Preferences form. You can always override the default message for any specific invoice.

Change To Balance Sidebar

November 10, 2011

The Time59 "Balance Sidebar" refers to the column on the right hand side of the Invoicing & A/R tab. It's a handy tool to quickly see which clients owe you money.

Up until now the A/R Balance amounts displayed in the sidebar included not only un-paid invoices and un-applied payment amounts, but also trust account amounts.

From an accounting perspective the trust account amount is really not part of the A/R Balance. Recently a Time59 user requested that the A/R Balance and Trust Account Balance be displayed separately.

A change has been made to allow these amounts to be displayed separately in the sidebar. You need to go to the User Preferences page in your Time59 account to enable this feature.

NOTE: If you are happy with the way the sidebar currently displays the A/R Balance, or you don't use the trust accounting in Time59, then you don't have to do anything and you will not see any change in the sidebar.

To enable this new feature look for the field "Balance Sidebar Option" on the User Preferences page. There are three options available:

Pick the option the best suits your needs. The first option will leave the sidebar exactly as it was before this change was made. The second will display a single amount for each client which does NOT include the trust amount. The third option will display two separate amounts (A/R Balance and Trust Balance) for each client.

Improved Aging Report

November 5, 2011

Time59 has an Account Aging report that shows Current, <30, 31-60, 61-90, and >90 balances. Pretty standard stuff.

Up until now the report displayed amounts as of the current date only. Recently a Time59 user told me that his accountant had requested the report as of a specific date. The user asked if I could make the report show data AS OF any date.

I thought it was a great idea and an interesting programming challenge. To make a long story short it was an interesting programming challenge and the report is now available.

The only visible difference in the report is the new As Of Date field and a Refresh button. You can still specify ALL clients, a client group, or a single client.

When you first open the report it defaults to the current date. This duplicates the behavior of the old report when it first opened. But now you can enter a different date and click the refresh button. The data displayed will be AS OF the date you specified.

A little bit like a time machine for your accounting.

Client Name On Invoice

October 28, 2011

A new feature allows you to define an alternate name for a client that appears only on invoices.

When you edit a client record you will see a field with the label "Client Name On Invoice". Whatever you put in here will appear on invoices as the client name. If you leave this field blank, then the normal client name will appear on invoices.

I think this feature can be useful in a number of situations but here is the situation of the Time59 user who requested this feature:

This user had a single client with a number of different matters. The user opted to create separate client records for each matter. These separate client records were then joined together using the group code feature of Time59. The group code feature allowed the separate client records to be viewed as a unit on reports. So far so good!

The only problem was that the Time59 user wanted the same name to appear on all invoices. Time59 does not allow duplicate client names. This is where the modification comes in. The Time59 user was able to define the same client invoice name for each of the different client records that made up the single, actual client. Problem solved!

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at support@time59.com.

Fixed Amount Time Records

October 26, 2011

A recently added feature of Time59 is Fixed Amount time records. This post will explain how they work and how to use them.

A standard Time59 time record has a project (which supplies the billing rate) and hours. The billable amount of the time record is determined by multiplying the billing rate times the hours.

When that time record appears on an invoice the hours, billing rate and extended amount will be displayed. (NOTE: Not ALL Time59 invoice formats display all of these columns but the most frequently used ones do.)

Now suppose you want to keep track of the project and hours spent on some client work but instead of billing the client hours X billing rate you want to charge a specific dollar amount. The Fixed Amount time record feature makes this extremely easy.

After enabling the Fixed Amount option for your Time59 account*, an additional field will be displayed on the time entry form. It is labeled (suprise!) Fixed Amount. Whatever dollar amount you enter here will override the normal hours X billing rate calculation.

The nice thing about this is that you can bill the client exactly what you want, but can still have a record of the actual time you spent.

On invoices, a Fixed Amount record will not display anything in the hours and billing rate columns. The extended amount column will display the fixed amount you specified on the time record.

*To enable the Fixed Amount time record feature for your Time59 account just go to the User Preferences form and set "Allow Fixed Amount Time?" to Yes.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at support@time59.com.

New Features Announcement for April 2011

April 28, 2011

Here are some new features, more to come soon!

Ability to copy projects from an existing client when creating a new client.

Some users use a similar project structure for all of their clients. When creating a new client it was necessary to create all of the projects by hand. With this new feature you can now specify an existing client to copy projects from. When you click Save on the new client record the projects will be copied over.

Ability to "clone" an existing time or expense record.

Some users create similar time and expense records on a day to day basis. In the past it was necessary to re-type or cut-and-paste the description from an existing record into a new one. Now you will see a new "clone" button when you edit an existing time or expense record. Clicking this button will create a new time or expense record for the client with the same project and description. All you need to do is enter the date and hours and click Save.

Enhanced invoice late charge / interest functionality.

When re-printing an invoice you will now see another option. This option is "Late Charge / Interest?" with a Yes/No response. If you select Yes and click Next you will be presented with a form that will let you specify a late charge/interest description and amount. When you click Next, the description and amount will be added to the invoice.

As part of this same process you will also be able to change the following data elements of the invoice:

Previously you would have had to delete and re-create the invoice to change these values.

N/C Time Records

February 11, 2011

A new feature of Time59 allows users to designate time records as "No Charge".

No charge items will appear on invoices showing the hours and billing rate but with "N/C" in the extended amount column.

Previously Time59 users had to create a special project with a $0.00 billing rate in order to put no charge items on an invoice. With the new No Charge feature any time record for any project can be designated as no charge simply by checking the No Charge checkbox on the time entry form.

In order to use the new No Charge feature you must turn it on for your account. To do this go to "my account > user preferences". Look for the "Allow No Charge Time?" field towards the bottom of the form and set it to Yes. This will cause the No Charge checkbox to appear on the time entry form.

The No Charge box can be checked when you are creating a time record or you can check it for any existing un-invoiced time record.

New Trust Accounting Feature

January 20, 2011

A new feature of Time59 Trust Accounting significantly expands its flexibility.

Up until now there were only two ways to disburse funds from the trust account. You could apply funds from a client's trust account to their unpaid invoices, or you could refund funds to clients. But, there was no way to do a disbursement to a third party or to disburse funds without applying them directly to a client's invoice.

This issue has now been addressed. You may now select the new payment type "Trust Disbursement" when in the Payment Entry function of Time59.

The "Apply Trust Funds To Invoice" payment type is still there as well. This functionality lets you disburse funds and pay down client invoices in one simple step.

I would like to thank the Time59 users who suggested and outlined this new feature.