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Contingency Billing In Time59

March 8, 2018

Time59 can be used for contingency billing, and there are different ways to approach this.

The dead-simple way to do this would be to create an invoice with a single flat rate line item on it for the amount of the fee once it is determined. This is assuming that you will not be keeping track of your hours. The result will be an invoice against which payments can be applied.

The above approach may work in some situations, but suppose you want to 1) keep track of time, and 2) send out monthly invoices to the client showing the time records while the matter is in progress.

To accomplish this you should create a Fixed Amount Project and enter time records using this project. You can initially set the amount of the project to $0.00 and set the Fixed Fee Amount Text field to something like "Contingency" or "TBD". As long as the amount of the project is set to zero the Fixed Fee Amount Text field value will be displayed on the invoice instead of the amount.

You can now send out invoices as often as you need. The amount of these invoices will be $0.00, and the text Contingency or TBD will be displayed.

At the end of the matter, when the fee has been determined, you can edit the project, enter in the actual fee, and produce the final invoice.

If you have any questions or comments about this approach please contact support. I will be happy to discuss anything and amend these instructions as needed.

Time59 Now Running On Azure

June 16, 2017

Time59 is now running on Microsoft's global cloud computing infrastructure, Azure.

Microsoft Azure offers increased performance, security and scalability.

Until now Time59 was hosted in a traditional data center on Windows Servers. While this environment provided solid performance and security, the evolution of large scale infrastructures such as Azure (and Amazon's AWS) resulted in the decision to migrate.

You can be confident, as we are, that your data is being hosted on the best clould computing platform available.

Change Client On Existing Time and Expense Records

October 6, 2016

Up until now there was no way to change the client on an existing time or expense record without deleting the record and re-entering it for the desired client.

This glaring omission has now been resolved. Simply click the Edit button on any un-billed time or expense record and when the form appears you will find a client select box that will allow you to select a different client (and project for the new client).

Invoice Balance Footer Format

May 15, 2016

Until now there have been three Invoice Footer Format options.

1) Invoice Amount Only

2) Invoice Amount with Account Summary

3) Invoice Amount with Account Detail

There is now a new option that will allow you to display balance information, not for the whole account, but for a specific invoice.

It is similar in concept to the account information footers but it displays information for the specific invoice only and excludes other invoices on the account and their related activity.

This new option should be particularly useful when a client requests copies of all of their invoices. They will be able to clearly see what they owe on an invoice-by-invoice basis.

Our approach to software development.

March 15, 2016

It starts with listening to our users.

At Time59 we believe that our users know best. When they suggest a new feature, we listen carefully. Not all feature requests are immediately added to the program. A lot depends on the size and scope of the project and the number of existing Time59 users who will use it.

When the decision is made to add a new feature, our job is to translate the user's request into working software. As a programmer this takes technical skill but also a measure of humility and empathy. A programmer may consider their latest creation a brilliant manifestation of the art and science of software... but at the end of the day it's the user's opinion that counts.

Time59's simplicity is what initially attracts new users. Since we've been building software for a long time, we know how to incrementally improve a software product without introducing complexity and bloat.

When we add a new feature to Time59 a lot of time is spent thinking about the best way to do it. Two main considerations are:

1) The feature itself, when implemented, must be easy to use and robust.

2) The new feature cannot make any existing functionality more difficult to use.

To sum it up, our goal is to provide our users with software they can rely on, software that makes their practices (and lives) just a little bit easier to manage. If we don't listen carefully, then there's no way we can achieve that goal. The software business, as we see it, is a people business.

LawPay Integration

November 18, 2015

Time59 is now fully integrated with LawPay. LawPay is an online payment provider designed to meet the specific needs of lawyers. To learn more about LawPay go to lawpay.com or call 866-376-0950.

Lawpay allows your clients to pay online with a credit or debit card. Payments can be directed to either your operating or trust account. When a client submits a payment, funds are automatically deposited into your bank account.

Adding Time59 to Lawpay takes things to the next level. Not only do the funds go directly to your bank account, but your records in Time59 are automatically updated. The payment will adjust the client's balance in Time59, and will be displayed on the client's next invoice.

If you currently have both a Time59 account and a Lawpay account, all you need to do is link your accounts with a few clicks. Once connected, a payment link will automatically appear on the PDF invoices you send to your clients from Time59. When your client clicks on the link they will be taken to a secure, easy-to-use payment form. They will be able to see the balance due on their account and any trust replenishment that is required. They can make their payments with confidence.

Please contact us with any questions.

Evergreen Trust Accounting

March 9, 2015

"Evergreen" trust accounting is now available in Time59.

This feature allows you to specify a required trust balance and also a trust balance threshold amount that, when reached, will trigger a request to the client for replenishiment of the trust account to the required balance.

Here's an example...

If a client has a Required Trust Amount set at $1000 and a Replenish Trigger Amount set at $500 and a trust balance of $406 then a line item will appear on the client's invoice requesting $594 to bring the trust balance back to $1000.

This will be completely automatic and you can adjust the Required Trust Amount and Replenish Trigger Amount at any time.

Fixed Fee Billing

December 28, 2014

Time59 now has true fixed fee billing functionality.

The first thing you will notice is that the Project Maintenance form has changed. There is now a Project Type field that will allow you to choose one of the following 3 options:


Fixed - Show Time On Invoice

Fixed - Do Not Show Time On Invoice

There are also a couple of new fields on the Project Maintenance form that relate to Fixed Fee Billing projects. If you do not plan on using Fixed Fee then just create new projects using the Hourly option and other than that, nothing will change in how Time59 works for you.

With Time59's new Fixed Fee Billing you will still need to record your time. You will have the option to show or not show this time on invoices. If you do show time on invoices the billing amount of each time record will not be displayed. Instead there will be an additional line item generated with its own description and the fixed fee amount. It is really pretty simple. All of the help topics in Time59 have been updated to guide you and you can always call or email support with questions.

The New Time59 Invoice

October 22, 2014

The Time59 invoice has been upgraded in a big way. Many of the features most requested by users are now available.

These include the ability to choose whether to have boxes around invoice detail, printing invoices on firm letterhead (either pre-printed or via an uploaded image), expanded font-size selection, and more.

The transition from the old invoice to the new invoice will be seamless for current Time59 users. All of the existing invoices that users have in their accounts will automatically transition.

Even better, the door is now wide open for future invoice improvements. Says Chris Monaghan, Time59 owner and developer, "The underlying programming behind the invoice has been completely re-written. Fresh new code means that new features will be much easier to implement going forward."

Updates And New Features

August 20, 2014

Time59 recently unveiled a new website design and cosmetic updates to the Time59 application itself.

The new website was intentionally kept simple to communicate more clearly to prospective Time59 users.

The updates to the actual Time59 application were influenced by Apple's latest iPhone and iPad interfaces.

Of the new features, one is major. Time59 can now calculate interest for overdue invoices. Probably only a small minority of Time59 users will use the new interest feature, but it is an important addition to the program.

To get started with interest, click on "my account" on the top menu bar. Then click on the menu item "Interest Setup". Click on "Learn More About Interest In Time59". This document contains everything you need to know to get started with interest in Time59. And of course, contact us if you have any questions.

One other new feature allows you to automatically have the time and expense date ranges fill in on the "Create A New Invoice" form based on the client's current un-invoiced time and expense activity. This is a feature you need to turn on in User Preferences. Look for the setting "Invoice Date Range Option". Set it to "Autofill - ON" if you want the date ranges to fill in automatically.

Please contact us with any questions.

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